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Events, Workshops & Lectures

   From ancient petroglyphs to exotic Amazonian arrow poisons we offer a variety of lectures, workshops and classes, volunteer/social projects and more. Ranging from sit-down lectures about our adventures, product shows of our exotic wares, outdoor bush craft lessons in survival, plant identification classes, seed collection demonstrations and many other related topics!


*Ethnobotany Lecture: Plants & Culture of the Peruvian Amazon and Andes

*Sacred & Magical Plants & Animals Lecture

*Textiles of the Andes Talk and Product Show

*Anthropology of Isolated or "Uncontacted" People

*Bushcraft Survival Workshop

*Outdoor Education- walks in the forest identifying medicinal and edible plants 

*Anthropology Discussion & Native Language Class- Quechua or Machiguenga with real native speakers

*Bush First Aid- Modern Medicine and Medicinal Plants

*Seed & Plant Collection Demo

*Safety in the Ceremony Lecture: Safe Shamanism

    We offer lectures in Southern Peru and the Eastern USA, contact us if you are interested in booking a unique workshop or lecture or scroll down to see our upcoming events!



Andean/Amazonian Anthropology & Ethnobotany Presentation- General intro to Ethnobotany and Adventures in Peru


Join us for an educational and fun presentation about the Peruvian Amazon and Andes with a focus on ethnobotany (useful plants) and anthropology (culture).

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Quechua Culture & Language Class-Lecture on Andean Culture, Quechua Basics Lession

Join us for an educational and fun presentation about Quechua or Machiguenga language and Culture. Including a real native Quechua or Machiguenga speaker. 

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Volunteer Projects- Cusco region, Southern Peru; Volunteer & Social Projects

Whether you want to volunteer for one day or are interested in a multi-day volunteer adventure in Andes or Amazon we offer a wide range of projects and packages to choose from.

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Botanical Walk-

A walk through the forest finding useful & interesting plants

A walk through the forest searching for ethnobotanicals (useful plants). In the Andes and the Amazon of Peru or in the US in a forest near you! All of our tours include ethnobotany (useful plant) activities but if this is your main interest we can focus any tour more on plants!

Want to book a lecture? Questions or concerns? Contact us on Skype or our email:
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