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Expeditions in the Peruvian Amazon

Manu Jungle Expedition-

Cusco/Madre de Dios region, Southern Peru; Rainforest Adventure, Amazonian Culture, Jungle Wildlife

The Manu region just North of Cusco is one of the most pristine and intact jungles left on the planet. Harboring isolated natives, enigmatic petroglyphs and exotic flora and fauna. Journey deep into the rain forest with the EthnoCO to unravel the mysteries of the Amazon and see things few men have ever seen.

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Hingkiori Petroglyphs Expedition-

Cusco region, Southern Peru; Rainforest Adventure, Enigmatic Petroglyphs (rock carvings), Amazonian Natives

The Petroglyphs of Hingkiori are in the valley of Kosñipata (Manu region) in the northern-eastern most part of the Cusco department of Peru, boarding Madre de Dios. There are at least three large, dark andesite stones with incised carvings into the rock. The site sits at approximately 550m above sea level in steamy rainforest. Hingkiori is ancient, made before recorded history. The natives who carved the glyphs were the Wachiperi people belonging to the Harakmbut ethnic group, who still live in the area to this day.

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Jungle Botanical Walk-

Edible, Medicinal & Sacred Plants of the Rainforest

A vine that taste like garlic? Seeds that exude what appears to be red lip stick? Powerfully stimulating Amazonian aphrodisiacs? We will take a walk through pristine rain forest and explore the edible, medicinal and sacred plants of the jungle. We will be accompanied by a knowledgeable native shaman skilled in plant medicine.

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Pusharo Petroglyphs Expedition-

Manu region, Southern Peru; Rainforest Adventure, Enigmatic Petroglyphs: The Largest Rock Carvings in Peru, Amazonian Natives

The Petroglyphs of Pusharo are by far the best known rock art in Peru, they are also one of the largest collections of glyphs in South America. The glyphs at Pusharo lay deep inside the ancestral home of the Machiguenga people at the head waters of a fast flowing river. Pusharo is a stunning site including a gigantic wall full of incised carvings depicting a wide range of Amazonian motifs. The glyphs are about 25 m long, averaging around 2m high but in some places the glyphs reach a height of almost 4.5 meters. Deep inside the reserve zone of Manu National Park Pusharo requires government permits to enter this extremely remote and pristine area of jungle. Densely packed deeply incised stones display a dazzling array of phantasmagorical imagery Pusharo is truly one of the most fascination places that we have ever seen.

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Quillabamba Jungle- 

Cusco region, Southern Peru; The Valley of Stimulants- Cacao, Coffee & Tea

Join us as we tour organic farms and see how our favorite stimulants are grown, harvested and turned into the foods and drinks we love- Cacao (Chocolate), Coffee (roasted, brewed), Tea (black, green, etc.) 

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