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Adventures in the Peruvian Andes

Mapacho River Valley Adventure- 

Cusco region, Southern Peru; Andean Homestay, Natural Hotsprings & the World's Finest Textiles

The Mapacho River Valley is a beautiful isolated area in the Andes just North of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Join us for a dip in the pristine natural hot-springs of Chimur, a night in the "huasi"(home) of a native Quechua family and a chance to view (and purchase) the people's wares, traditional hand-made textiles, the finest in the world. This is an unparalleled cultural and natural experience, a true adventure in the Andes!

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Paruro Andean Village Homestay-

Cusco region, Southern Peru; Andean Culture, Culisine of the Andes, Chicha Production Class

Paruro is a picturesque little Andean village. We will go there and stay in a Quechua home and learn how to make chicha and cook guinea pig. Good relaxing spot.

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Chavin de Huantar-

Central Peru, Huaraz; Ruins of Chavin, Musuem, Trekking and more!

The ancient ruins of Chavin de Huantar is one of the most intriguing sites in Peru. The real "Temple of Doom" in the central Andean region of Peru near the city of Huaraz. The highest mountains in Peru are also in the area.

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Lares Trek-

Cusco Region, Southern Peru; Trekking, Amazing Views, Pristine Landscapes, Quechua Culture

The trek to the hot-springs of Lares starts in the Sacred Valley of the Incas just 1 hour from Cusco by car. The hike takes you through pristine valleys and over passes capped by glacier covered mountains. 
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Machu Picchu-

Cusco Region, Southern Peru; Ancient Inca Ruins


Join us to the famed Lost City of the Incas: Machu Picchu! Behold the grandeur of these ancient ruins either on a backpacking adventure or join an ethnobotanical expedition examining the plants and culture of this remote and wild region! 

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Cotahuasi Canyon- Arequipa region, Southern Peru; The World's Deepest Canyon

The EthnoCO takes you off the tourist track to Cotahuasi Canyon. Much less known and much deeper than the famous Colca Canyon the Canyon known as Cotahuasi. Cotahuasi Canyon is outside of Arequipa in Southern Peru and is the deepest canyon on Earth! Join us in a land where condors abound as they soar over the breathtaking land of Cotahuasi!

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Andes Botanical Walk-

Cusco region, Southern Peru; Ethnobotany of the Andes, Market Walk & Forest Trek


Join us on a walk through the markets and forest of the Peruvian Andes to explore the plethora of useful plants that are utilized as food, medicine and for sacred ceremonies. 

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