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Petroglyphs of Pusharo  - Amazon Rainforest

Are you interested in an expedition deep in the Amazon rain-forest to see an enigmatic site that tourists rarely visit? The Petroglyphs of Pusharo are a unique and extensive ancient rock art site in a jungled expanse that still contains unexplored and little known areas. The petroglyphs are rarely seen by outsiders because of their remote location inside Manú National Park and for which an official government permit is required for entry. The petroglyphs are huge, standing up to 3m(12ft) high in some areas. Pusharo is over 2000 years old yet in all that time it has never revealed it's secrets. The petroglyphs are thought to be Amazonian in origin and of mystical or shamanic significance to it’s Amerindians creators. Others believe that there is an Inca component and that the glyphs constitute parts of a map to the lost city of gold known as "Paititi" that remains hidden somewhere in the jungles of Manu. In addition to visiting the petroglyphs there will be opportunities to see elusive jungle animals, medicinal plants and interact with the native tribal people known as the Machiguenga. Come investigate this mystical place on an expedition of your own.

The price is all inclusive (food, lodging, transport, permits/tickets, etc.) from Cusco to the Petroglyphs of Pusharo and back. We work directly with native Machiguenga communities to see they are paid well and keep our prices down. The prices and dates for this expedition are flexible. It will last about 6/7 days and everyone who is interested should be in good physical condition and prepared for a real adventure! Please contact use if you are interested!

~Pusharo Itinerary -


*Day 1: Meet at 8am. Take the bus from Cusco to Pilcopata. Spend the night in Pilcopata.

*Day 2: Visit the native community of Huacaria, go swimming in the river. Leave for Salvacion. Hang out in Salvacion, see the lagoon, etc. Sleep in Salvacion.

*Day 3: Leave very early (6am) from Salvacion to Santa Cruz. Arrival of the group in Santa Cruz by 8am. Picked up by the guide in Santa Cruz and take the boat to Palotoa-Teparo community.

Walk the trails around Palotoa-Teparo to see the community and look for animals and plants.

In the evening a cultural night with myths and stories from the Machiguenga

*Day 4: (D)

Segment: Hostel-Patroglifos Pusharo-Hostel (S, Box Lunch).

Afternoon: Refreshing swim in the pool.

Before nightfall: Visit the Cocha Shanshos.

Night at the Lodge (C).

* Day 5: (D)

Segment: Visit Holiday Inn-Commoner - Santa Cruz (S, Box Lunch).

Visit home and family farm.

Preparation of arrows

Caption: Breakfast (B), Snack (S), L (A), Dinner (C).

*Day 6/7 (Dec. 3rd+): Return to Cusco or stay in the jungle longer and visit native communities (at extra cost).

Read more about Pusharo and other petroglyphs in our article about of 2016 expedition - Petroglyphs of the Peruvian Amazon Article on Medium 

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