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Other Adventures & Activities 

Huasao Andean Fortune Tellers- Cusco region, Southern Peru; Witch's Village, Andean Spirituality

The town of mystics, witches and fortune tellers, Huasao, just outside of Cusco. Join us on a half-day adventure to visit the witches and have the coca leaves tell you your destiny! 

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Witch's Market-Lima, Central Peru; The Witch's Market, Mercado de los Brujos, Cultural Products, Shamanism, Medicinal Plants

The "Witch's Market" or Mercado de los Brujos in Lima is a fascinating half day adventure in the big city. There is a wide range of ceremonial items, medicinal plants and much more!

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Huancabamba-Northern Peru; Witch's Village, Pueblo de los Brujos

The notorious witch's village of Huancabamba in Northern Peru. A mysterious places that for centuries has been associated with witches and witchcraft. Visiting Huancabamba is an unparalleled culture experience offering insight into shamanism, modern witchcraft and magical plants.

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Volunteer Projects- Cusco region, Southern Peru; Volunteer & Social Projects

Whether you want to volunteer for one day or are interested in a multi-day volunteer adventure in Andes or Amazon we offer a wide range of projects and packages to choose from.

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