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Expedition Tips, Gear & Rules

The Jungle and the Andes are two very different environments, here is what you should bring for both...



Amazon Jungle: What to Bring-

*Backpack/Duffle Bag- large capacity, you should be able to carry everything you need in a single large pack, with waterproof cover.
*Day-Pack- small bag for short treks. Enough to carry drinking water, raincoat, etc.
*Everything you normally pack for a trip: clothes, toiletries, etc. but remember keep it light!
*Sandals, crocs, etc. (for walking in water, plastic is best)
*Books for reading on bus rides, before bed in the forest, etc.
*Extra Food/Snacks- travel/backpacking food. Bring items which will keep for a while without refrigeration (non-perishable), lightweight foods and nutritious. Beef jerky, peanut butter, granola bars, etc. are great.
*Rain protection- Plastic Poncho/Rain-Coat, Pack-Cover or waterproof pack.
*Bathing Suit
*Warm jacket/coat (Sometimes cold winds (friajes) bring in temperatures below 10°C are possible.)
*Long and short sleeve shirts, Pants and shorts and other clothes you need. White/tan long sleeve shirts are great.
*Flashlight (or two). One headlamp and one handheld flashlight is best.
*Insect Repellant (please do not bring DEET, organic repellent can be provided)
*Sun protection- Hat, large "Safari" or "Sun" hats with a large circular brim are the best. Sunglasses and  sunscreen. Long sleeve white shirts are great for the jungle.
*Knife and/or machete.
*300-500 soles cash in small bills and coins to buy souvenirs, fruit, drinks, extra things. Keep in mind, there are NO BANKS in the jungle.
*Toiletries- toothbrush, extra toilet paper, etc.
*Binoculars (optional)
*Water bottle or canteen (refillable, metal is best)
*Camera with fully charged batteries w/ waterproof bag.
*Dry bag- plastic bag inside to protect the items
*Sleeping bag and pad if sleeping in hut/native community.
*Book and/or Notebook with pencil (Optional)- for reading/writing at night or during waits.

Andes Mountains: What to Bring-

*Backpack (Hiking Type) w/ pack-cover
*Warm Clothes (CAUTION EXTREME COLD POSSIBLE)- Hat, Coat (x2), Gloves, Socks, etc.
*Sun protection- Hat, large "Safari" or "Sun" hats with a large circular brim are the best.
*Rain Gear- rain poncho, pack cover, rain pants, etc.
*Snacks/Food- Items which do not spoil and are easy cooked in a short amount of time in a small trekking stove. Most food will be provided for you, just bring some snacks.
*Everything you normally pack for a trip: clothes, toiletries, etc. but remember keep it light!
*Knife, Spoon (or Spork) & Cup (these items can be provided for you, just ask)
*300-500 soles cash in small bills and coins to buy souvenirs, fruit, beer, extra things.
*Toiletries- toothbrush, toilet paper, etc.
*Water bottle or canteen (refillable, metal is best)
*Camera with fully charged batteries w/ waterproof bag.
*Dry bag- plastic bag inside to protect the items
*Sleeping bag and pad, optional pillow.

*Book and/or Notebook with pencil (Optional)- for reading/writing at night or during waits.


Important Note: The total weight should not exceed 12Kg or 25 pounds for limited space in during transport.

~~~Rules, Tips & Advice~~~

*Everyone must be 18 or older or accompanied by a parent or guardian. 
*Food- All food is provided except the first breakfast not and last dinner which are not included. We provide 2 meals a day and 1 snack. If you want Pacu fish or other “extras” they 10 soles more.
*Everyone is responsible for themselves on the trip. While your guide will do his best to ensure you are safe the guide takes no responsibility if anyone is injured or otherwise. Follow the instructions of your guide closely to avoid injury or other problems.
*It is possible for “acts of nature” such as river flooding or a landslide to slow our progress during the expedition. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent this and we must be patient should this occur.
*Expect that at any moment it could rain or that we have to cross a river, be prepared for rain and river crossing every time we go out. Bring boots and/or sandals for river crossing and raincoat and pack cover for the rain. Have a dry bag to store items like cameras.
*Water- Always make sure you are drinking enough water, always fill your canteen when it empty and make sure to bring a full water bottle everywhere we go. Tell your guide BEFORE you get low on water. Stay hydrated.
*No throwing down any trash what-so-ever. Try to pick up trash if you see it. We do not throw down trash. We recycle as much as possible and use as little plastic as possible. We try to use good sustainable products with biodegradable packaging, etc.
*Try to buy the biggest bottles of water possible, this reduces plastic waste. Always be mindful of the amount of trash/waste we produce. Buy glass bottles or food with paper packaging if possible. Bring a water bottle, metal canteens are the best.
*Respect the natives. Do not enter their homes or touch their items without permission. No pictures of natives without the permission of both the guide and the natives. We do not bother the natives, their crops or their animals. 
*No guarantees are made with the native peoples or with viewing animals. If the native people are busy or are not interested in demonstrating their culture at that time we must accept that and be respectful. Your guide cannot make animals appear, though it is likely to see many animals there is a chance of seeing many things or almost nothing.
*There is little infrastructure after we leave Cusco. There are no banks or ATMs and after the first night in Pilcopata there is little or no electricity. Make sure you have enough cash, in case of emergency and all your batteries are charged. Basics like waterproof boots, sandals, rain-ponchos, machetes, etc. can be bought in the stores in Pilcopata but not much else.
*Our expedition will be stocked with a basic medical kit for minor accidents.
*Jungle Lodge: We stay at a beautiful lodge known as “Gallito de los Rocas” in Pilcopata, we have three options for the rooms. Two people per room with either 1 large bed or two small beds, includes bathroom. Private single room with single small bed and without bathroom. It is possible to pay 30 soles extra for a private room with a large bed and bathroom.
*The jungle is hot, there are lots of bugs and difficult conditions… expect this.

*It is very important we move quickly while on the tour so that we have enough time to do everything. Go must ALWAYS have your backpack ready with water, raincoat, sunscreen, boats/shoes you can get wet, repellent and anything else you may need when going out. Your guide will not tell you every time and so you must always be ready with the items that you need. You must be ready to go within 10 minutes of your guide telling you that we are leaving!
*We do not molest or bother any plant or animal, even the dirt is sacred. We only gently collect small amounts of seed for preservation. No killing of animals, even for food, if they are killed by a native and offered to us, then it's ok, but we must not encourage this. 

*On a jungle expedition we must move quickly from place to place to ensure we have enough time to see everything. Always have your day pack ready to go. Your day pack should contain water(1 liter or more), flashlight, rain gear, sun protection (hat, sunscreen, etc.), shoes for crossing water (either sandals or rubber boots), a snack, charged camera and anything else you might need for the day but keep it light! You must be ready to go within 10 minutes notice from your guide so always keep your day pack ready!
*We do not bring drugs, alcohol or commercial cigarettes on an expedition, especially concerning native communities. During the expedition everyone is restricted to only plant-drugs (tobacco, coffee, etc.) and small amounts of beer or cultural drinks like chicha/masato (traditional corn/yucca beer). We must NEVER be blatantly intoxicated, especially around natives or locals.
*While on expedition everyone agrees to do their best at preserving the fragile world on which we live. We agree to care and to protect Mother Earth.
*We respect native people, their language, their homes, their land, their animals, etc. We do not show off Iphones or flashy expensive things to "wow" them. We dress modestly and act polite and humble at all times while in native communities.
*We respectfully inquire and learn about native culture, language and myth in order to interact on a deeper level with native peoples.

*Tourist cannot change rules, agreements or plan of the tour without the approval of the expedition guide(s) AND Head of Tourism.
*The EthnoCO is not responsible for any disease, injury, etc. that may occur during any tour or activities. 
*Not listening to your guides/tourism director, throwing down trash or impeding the tour in any way may result in your termination from the group and voids all further services. No refund is given. 
*A $50-100 USD per person deposit must be paid 10 days before the trip. A 50% refund is returned if the tour is canceled within 7 days of the departure date. If you pay within 7 days of the departure date no refund of your deposit can be given. Must pay 100% of the tour price 36 hours before the departure date.
*The itinerary is not fully set, each tour is customized, discuss with your guide for more info.
*It is difficult to make a jungle tour group with less than 4-5 people. Tours of less than 4-5 people Only groups of 4-5 or more can go downriver in the boat (to the hot-springs). Small groups may still go but the cost of the tour will increase. Andean treks and other activities can be done with any number of people.

*An adventurous spirit, positive mindset, patience and general toughness are required.
*EthnoCO expeditions and tours are focused on anthropology, ethnobotany, shamanism, medicinal plants, Amazonian/Andean culture, biology, environmentalism, sustainability, botany, etc., this tour is best suited for people interested in the above subjects.

*EthnoCO expeditions are open to everyone! Our youngest participant was 4 years old and the oldest was in his 70s! The conditions in the Andes or Amazon can be difficult. Remember this is a real expedition, not just a tour, so prepare yourself for a true adventure!
The most important thing to bring on the expedition is patience, openness and a positive 
attitude. With those three things anyone can complete an EthnoCO expedition in the Amazon or Andes! Join us!  

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