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Ethnobotany & Anthropology Lecture

     The Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization (EthnoCO) will be giving an ethnobotany lecture every week. We will discuss the relationship between plants and people including topics such as edible plants, medicinal plants, sacred or psychoactive plants, dye plants used in traditional textiles, etc. At the end of the lecture we will have a selection of natural plant products for sale including essential oils, organic medicine and textiles made using natural dyes found in nature! 


Ethnobotany is the relationship between plants and people. The presentation will include information about shamanism, sacred plants, uncontacted/isolated native people, herbalism, wild medicine, enigmatic ancient petroglyphs, lost cities of gold, deadly dart poisons and exotic Amazonian hallucinogens! Scott Lite, Ethnobotanist, will be giving a lecture about ethnobotany and anthropology of the Amazon and Andes. Scott has been traveling in South America since 2010, including expeditions deep into the remote Amazon jungle to meet the Machiguenga tribe and treks through the high Andes. 

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