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Volunteer & Social Projects

We organize Volunteer and Social Projects such as collecting seeds, picking up trash, helping native communties in their farms, organizing the sale of native goods for fair prices, planting endangered trees, helping manage the organization, promoting sustainable tourism which reenforces cultural pride and much more! 

Volunteers get special benefits such discounted membership, free admitance to events, free meals or transport and other benefits. Volunteers who work hard and contribute are given free membership for one year and are often considered for acceptace as a full Expedition Member of the EthnoCO!

Volunteer to help on an expedition, plant trees, help us advertise to earn discounts or free trips, pick up trash in otherwise pristine location, help out in the office or online, collect seeds...

Interested in volunteering? Send us an email at!

Seed Collection Project- 

Cusco region, Southern Peru; Collecting Botanical Specimens in the Field

Volunteers will collect seeds in the field which will be sent to botanical gardens or used in other ways to preserve biological diversity.

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Trash Pick-Up Project- 

Cusco region, Southern Peru; Cleaning Natural Areas of Trash 

Trash Pick-Up Near Cusco: Picking up trash in a beautiful area above Cusco that is often littered by picniers. A forest of rare Polylepis grows on the hills and the river Saphi which runs into the Plaza de Armas of Cusco flows through the valley which also contains ancient ruins. 

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