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Policies and Other Info

~EthnoCO Policies~

*We offer REPLACEMENTS on dead or damaged plants/seeds but we do NOT offer refunds! You MUST cover the shipping costs of sending for the replacement plant but the plant itself will be free. We do NOT do cash refunds on plants, seeds or other living products, however we may be able to ship you a replacement (shipping NOT included).
If there is any problem with your plants/fruit/seeds just send me a photo showing what is wrong and I will send more plants/fruits/seeds for free but the buyer MUST pay shipping. We do not accept returns or give refunds! By purchasing plants or other living products from EthnoCO you agree to these terms.


*There are no refunds on expeditions/tours once the tour has started. Deposits will be returned if requested 2 weeks (14 days) before the tour begins.

*We accept returns on textiles and other items if there is an issue within 3 days of receiving your item. Please explain to us what is wrong with the item and we will work something out. However all shipping costs are at the expense of the customer unless there is a serious issue and it is our fault, then we will fix everything at no cost to you.

~Public Domain Pledge on Botanicals~

Note to all our customers purchasing plants and/or seeds:
In order to be in line with our mission to support the preservation of botanical biodiversity, following the lead of J.L. Hudson Seeds, the Botanical Preservation Corps and Sacred Succulents (from which this text was sourced) and in recognition that the biodiversity of the Earth is the common heritage of all life, all of our seed and plant offerings are now Public Domain. This means that all plants and seeds are supplied solely under the following conditions: We expressly prohibit the use of any seeds or plants supplied by us, or their progeny, in any form of genetic engineering, breeding, or research which will result in any form of life patent, variety protection, trademarks, breeder’s rights or any form of intellectual property applied to living things which would compromise the Public Domain status of the seeds, plants, their progeny and any genetic material therein. We expressly prohibit the transfer to any third party of any seeds, plants, their progeny or any portion of their genetic material without these prohibitions in place. Commercial propagation is encouraged, but in the unlikely event that large-scale commercial distribution is achieved, benefit-sharing along the path towards the source, in accordance with the spirit of the International Convention on Biological Diversity, will be undertaken. We believe the biological diversity of the world is a common inheritance shared by all and the right to having a personal individual relationship with the myriad life forms of the planet is intrinsic to that. Thank you for your understanding and support!

“The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture” – Thomas Jefferson

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