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Membership & Donations

Do you want to support the EthnoCO or become more involved in what we do? Become a supporter or a member!

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Supporters- For those who wish to support the EthnoCO through donation.

>Supporter 1- $25 or less

>Supporter 2- $30-50: T-shirt 

>Supporter 3-$50-75: Amazonian Necklace

>Supporter 4- $75-100: Custom T-shirt with your name or title. Ex: "B. Smith, Botanist".

>Supporter 5- $100-250: Custom T-shirt and Amazonian necklace

>Supporter 6- $300-500: Master Weaver "Manta" Table Runner/Shawl or Scarf Textile

>Supporter 6- $500-1000: Stone head from Chavin de Huantar (exquisite replica)

>Supporter 7- $1000 or more: Machiguenga native arrow (genuine, not a tourist item)


Members- For those who wish to go on expeditions or adventures, aid us in volunteer activities, academic reach or just want to be more involved with the EthnoCO.


>Associate- $25 

>Member- $50 or more: T-shirt

>Expedition Member (Must apply)- $100: Custom T-shirt, Custom Dog Tags, 7 years of membership. Permission to accompany the EthnoCO on extreme expeditions. 

>Fellowship- Free and for life but must be granted.

Membership is $25 per year, ex: $100 donation = 4 years of membership.

Benefits of membership include- access to information about travel in South America, first place selection of heavily booked trips, discounts on certain items/events, published recognition of social/scientific contribution and being part of a group of knowledgeable, amazing people!

Those who wish to attend extreme expeditions must apply to become an "Expedition Member" by sending an email with your qualifications and an explanation of your desire to become an expedition member with the EthnoCO. Those selected will be among an elite group of explorers and adventurers. Note- Normal adventures and expeditions listed on do not fall into this category, anyone can go on most EthnoCO adventures! 

Would you like to support us? Click that donate button! Would you like to become a member? Send us an email or call us on Skype!
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