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About the EthnoCO

   Our goal at the EthnoCO is to run a sustainable tourism and native product organization. We aim to obtain native goods through fair trade and just prices for producers and consumers. Our goal is to connect tourist and adventures to far away places and far way people in a safe and sustainable manner.
   We aim to direct people interested in plant medicine to the safest and most beneficial path for them. We promote "Safety in the Ceremony" when working with plant medicines. We aim to pay native guides directly for their services and pay fair wages for their services. We attempt to reduce our impact when making expeditions of other activities by never throwing trash, reducing plastic and other such methods. 
   We pay our guides, weavers and artisan well and encourage them to practice their culture.

We value native culture and spread information about native language, culture, etc.



"Helping people help plants help people." 

We focus on being sustainable and ecologically minded. Our goal at the EthnoCO is to make the world better for both plants and people.

      We were inspired by the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism, the Botanical Preservation Corps and the South American Explorers Club along with many other organizations and people to whom we owe our endless thanks.

Other Great Organizations- - Sacred Succulents - Cactus Conservation Institute - United Plant Savers - Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism; A.S.H.H. - American Herbalist Guild - Love-Leaf Garden - South American Explorers Club; S.A.E. - Botanical Preservation Corps; B.P.C. - Language Heritage

To find out more contact us by email or call us on Skype:
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