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Machu Picchu Ruins - Southern Peru


     Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas is one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the world. Built by the Inca 100s of years ago this city's existence was only known to the outside world since about 1911. The EthnoCO offers two different types journeys to Machu Picchu. One for the backpacker who wants a basic, yet comfortable trip to the Sacred Citadel. The other is for those interested in ethnobotany, medicinal plants, orchids and the like. The backpacker trip includes your transportation, hostel, entrance tickets and all the basics. The Machu Picchu Ethnobotany Adventure includes all of the above, including transport via train, hotel or hostel, entrance tickets, food/drink and everything else you could possibly need. A certified legal Peruvian guide and an Ethnobotanist will accompany you on your adventure as you tastes exotic fruits, marvel at rare orchids and learn about medicinal plants, all while surrounded by ancient ruins in the ruggedly beautiful landscape where the Andes meet the Amazon. Inquire for more information via -

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