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Paruro Andean Homestay  - Southern Peru


Simple accommodation in a family home.
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Days 1&2, Breakfast and Lunch on Day 3 with the opportunity to prepare your own traditional meals.
Transport Cusco to Paruro (day 1) Paruro to Cusco (day 3).
Professional Tour Guide.

Sleeping bag.
Extra snacks, chocolate, alcoholic drinks.

Sleeping bag.
Hiking boots, strong footwear.
Flash light or torch and batteries.
Camera and extra batteries.
Sun block or hat to protect you from the sun, sunglasses.
Personal medical kit.
Rain jacket or poncho (plastic ponchos can be purchased in Cusco).
Toilet paper, small towel.
Two liter water bottle: disposable bottles are not recommended.
Extra money for drinks, tips, souvenirs etc. (soles or dollars) emergency money.
Inflatable mattress.
Snacks, biscuits, energy bar, chocolate, fruit, etc.


*Huatia (Earth oven) is only possible from May - July due to climatic and cultural conditions.


2 People: $280 USD Per Person
3-4 People: $260 USD Per Person
5-6 People: $230 USD Per Person
7-8 People: $200 USD Per Person
9-12 People: $180 USD Per Person

In September there is a traditional community festival, the biggest festival in the provience. This is a 6-7 day trip, see the website for more information. -

     Join Alternative Inca Trails and the EthnoCO and enjoy an unforgettable cultural experience in the Peruvian Andes."

Enjoy three-day journey getting to know the real and traditional way of the Cuzco region. Being amongst locals off the beaten track, getting to know life as it was and continues to this day. You will learn to make the sacred drink of the Incas, bake your own bread, cook traditionally, go to the farm to sew crops and learn the traditional and medicinal uses of local plants. 

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Highlight : prepare the sacred drink of the Incas (ajha or corn beer), learn to traditionally cook guinea pig, make your own bread, traditional cooking.
Location : Paruro Province 2 hour driving from Cusco).

Duration : 3 days.

Level : Easy

Adventure Rating : A good cultural alternative to see the real life of the local people of the Cusco region.

Departure Dates : Any day with two people all year. We offer affordably-priced experience for 2 people so that you can depart on the date that suits you.

Combos&Upgrades : Combine with one of our tours to know more the culture of Cusco and enrich your experience, and get a discount off your cultural experience price.

Travelers dream : If you wish to join a group tour, please see trekkers dream. You can also form your own tour group to be advertised on our page. Maximum group size 5.

>>>DAY 1<<<
We meet your hotel to depart and go to the province of Paruro (2 hours driving). Upon arrival you'll have breakfast, after which you will learn how to make the traditional drink of the Incas that they originally called ajha (corn beer), but is now known as chicha. You'll also prepare lunch in a natural and traditional clay stove. You will then have free time to explore the town.

>>>DAY 2<<<
After breakfast you will go to one of the traditional ovens of the town of Paruro where you will see and be actively part of preparing bread from pure wheat that we will bring with us to enjoy at the house. This is the day you will also taste the corn beer made yesterday and cook the guinea pig traditionally. After lunch in the afternoon you will hike to the farm to bring home some produce for cooking later on in the day.

>>>DAY 3<<<
In the morning we will go to the farm to bring food for the guinea pigs, feed them, and bring some crops for ourselves. Along this hike the tour guide will explain some of the traditional and medicinal uses of the local plants. Late in the afternoon we will come back to Cusco.


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