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Petroglyphs in the Peruvian Amazon

After passing through a chakra(farm) of bananas and speaking with a farmer, the owner of the land on which the rocks sit, we were headed in the right direction. We slashed through the undergrowth, vines hung from the canopy and “paca”, Amazonian bamboo pricked our skin and tore at our clothing. We three hacked away, slicing, throwing, rolling away the vegetation, removing the jungle from our path, uncovering, revealing that which had been lost so long ago. It took almost an hour until we had chopped our way through the tangle until we saw an imposing stone. Faint lines stood out of the moss… were they natural? The way the lichen grew? Were our eyes playing tricks on us? Pushing our way through the green maze we approached the ancient stone.

We approached the three meter high stone. The boulder was covered in vines, branches and moss. It was slick and one could easily slide off into the pool of stagnant water below. Indistinct shapes shown out from the stone. Gently brushing away the leaf and moss my heart jumped and I was filled with a sense of awe the likes of which I had never before known. There before my eyes sat ancient petroglyphs, carved by some little known people before the beginning of time. Were they 100s or 1000s of years old? What did they mean? Did any living man know why these glyphs were created? We aimed to find out."

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