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Traveler's Blueprint Podcast featuring Scott Lite of EthnoCO

From the podcast Traveler's Blueprint-

Traveler's Blueprint Episode 032: PERU PART III - PSYCHOACTIVE FLORA OF PERU

Scott Lite is an ethnobotanist, herbalist, adventurer, seed-saver, plant hunter, explorer and apprentice to the shaman of the world. He trained as an herbalist at the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism in September 2011. Scott is an associate of the Botanical Preservation Corps and was on the 2010 expedition to Peru collecting seeds and information on medicinal, edible, and sacred plants throughout the Andes. In 2010 Scott opened the Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization or EthnoCO which is a company based in Peru that leads expeditions and sell cultural wares.

Inside the Episode:

What is Ethnobotany and why is it useful for understanding culture? Scott explains the Ayahuasca vine’s significance to Peruvian culture and history. Scott tells us about his personal experience taking Ayahuasca and the variable effects it can have on your consciousness. Scott discussed the legality of these plants within Peru and the United States. We find out where we can purchase Ayahuasca in Peru and the safety concerns of purchasing this brew without fully knowing its ingredients. We discuss how some of the Peruvian flora can help aid in altitude sickness. Scott tells us about some of the people who live within the Amazon and Andes of Peru, including their agricultural practices and how their culture ties into the use of these psychoactive plants. Scott provides us information on his company, EthnoCo, which organizes tours throughout areas within Peru.

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