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Hingkiori Petroglyphs - Amazon Rainforest

Many reports say that Hingkiori was used as a temple and oracle of sorts, a place where the Wachiperi would go to take magical plants and communicate with spirits and visit other realms of existence.

Alberto, a local medicine man, told us that long ago people would take “Huaypa” which is the name the Wachiperi use for Brugmansia species, an extremely powerful, and potentially dangerous, plant if used carelessly. It is related to the Witching Herbs or Baneful Botanicals of ancient Europe such as Belladonna, Mandrake and Henbane. This plant is used all across the Amazon by various native groups for a plethora of purposes.

The ancient Wachiperi while in trance under the influence of this powerful plant medicine would ask the stone questions which would always answer clearly and truthfully. However in the 1920s-1950s when invaders began to come from far away the stone stopped to reveal its secrets. The oracle was lost.

Don Alberto told us stories as we smoked Tobacco and chewed Coca leaf. As we sat, smoking, our mouths began to go numb from the Coca leaf and caustic llipta (plant ashes used to “activate” the coca) the conversation became more intense, taking a turn towards the esoteric. Don Alberto explained to us that the symbols on the glyphs represented the elements of the universe. The old Shaman spoke “ The circles, swirls and star-shaped glyphs are the air and celestial bodies. The basin filled with rainwater symbolized the streams, lakes, rivers and oceans of the world.” A hollowed-out cave-like opening in one of the stones was said to be the forest and the great stones themselves represented the energy of “Pachamama”, the very body of Mother Earth herself.

     In the rain-forest north of the ancient Inca capital of Cusco exist a remote and enigmatic region of Peru, the wilds of Manu and adjacent lands. There are many little known rock carvings or petroglyphs in this jungle that deserve further research. These petroglyphs obviously took hours of organized labor and may give us insight into an Ancient Amazonia that was far more sophisticated than previously thought possible.

     The Petroglyphs of Hingkiori are in the valley of Kosñipata in the North-Eastern part of the Cusco department of Peru, boarding Madre de Dios. There are at least three large, dark andesite stones with incised carvings in the rock. The site sits at approximately 825m above sea level, varying slightly from one stone to the other. The Petroglyphs of Hingkiori were likely created around 1500 years ago. The ancients who likely carved the glyphs were the Wachiperi people belonging to the Harakmbut ethnic group, who still live in the area to this day.


Would you like to join us on an expedition deep into the Amazon rainforest in search of petroglyphs and other mysteries? Would you like to meet indigenous people from the Machiguenga and other tribes? Would you like to experience the healing and mind-expanding power of plants from the Rainforest? If you would like to visit Hingkiori or other areas in the Amazon please send us an email to inquire about tours, expeditions, etc.!

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