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Textile Table Runner/Shawl from Andes - Organic - Handmade

Textile Table Runner/Shawl from Andes - Organic - Handmade


Hand made table runner/shawl/large scarf/wall hanging from the remote Acongate region of the Peruvian Andes. We went on an expedition deep in the mountains to find the world's finest textiles. This piece is from a Quechua master weaver.This piece is soft because it is made from alpaca, one of the softest fibers known. All the dyes are made using natural/organic substances like plants from the Andean region.
These are made from alpaca wool and are made with natural dyes. They are made by the Quechua native women high in the Andes in a tradition that stretches back 1000s of years. I purchased these in Peru directly from the women who made them and paid them fair prices. I have a limited number of these pieces, get them while you still can. These are handmade textiles and may have some minor flaws such as a small loose thread.



  • Handmade, sustainable fabric front panel
  • 100%  Alpaca
  • Made in Peru



  • Height: 56 "
  • Width: 16 "
  • Fringe on each side 4 "



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