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Asimina triloba ~ "Paw-Paw" Seeds

Asimina triloba ~ "Paw-Paw" Seeds


Asimina triloba - "Paw-Paw", the only member of the Custard Apple (Annonaceae) family that grows in North Amerca. It is the largest native fruit on the continent. "Paw-paw" are delicious having a soft almost Avocado like texture with a mixture of flavors reminiscent of custard, mango, coconut, pineapple, vanilla yogurt, lycee and perfume.


15-30+ seeds for $10.


Seeds have a specific way they must be germinated, please research this before attempting to plant them!


We also have "Paw-paw" fruits and plants!


Ask about discounts on bulk orders of Paw-paw fruit, seeds and/or plants! Email us at!

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