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"Huachuma" Cactus Ceremony ~ Andean Mountains

"Huachuma" also known as "San Pedro" is a sacred and healing plant of the Andes mountains.

     The EthnoCO offers "San Pedro" or "Huachuma" ceremonies just outside the city of Cusco, Peru. 

“San Pedro” is the magical cactus of the Andes. Since before the beginning of recorded history, deep in our archaic past this sacred plant has been used in the Andes Mountains, its native habitat. “Huachuma” (Trichocereus pachanoi, T. peruvianus) cacti grow throughout the Andes, often at high altitude. It is a tall columnar cactus up to 20+ feet high. Its skin ranges from green to sky blue, with 4-15 ribs. Mature plants produce huge white alien looking flowers which are followed by bright pink fruit filled with seeds and delicious cream colored flesh. The botany of “Huachuma” is slightly confused. Trichocereus (syn. Echinopsis) bridgesii, Trichocereus pachanoi and Trichocereus peruvianus are the most highly regarded for use as medicine with specific strains or clones holding particular prestige. All over Peru, today and in the past “Huachuma” can be found growing in the homes and gardens of people from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Many modern Peruvians who grow the plant say that they keep it just for “good luck” or “protection”. They are unaware of its magical powers, great antiquity and immense role in the roots of Andean culture.


Disclaimer: Ceremonies involing psychoactive plant medicines are ONLY conducted in Peru under the guidance of experienced partioners who ensure the upmost saftey of the participants.

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