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Ayahuasca Ceremony - Amazon Rainforest

Garden of Peace; Tarapoto Peru

There are two options for Ayahuasca ceremonies: the Cultural Experience in the Manu rainforest or Plant Medicine Diets and ceremonies in Tarapoto, central Peru at a retreat center. Inquire for more info! 

Manu Jungle:

Cultural Ayahuasca Experience

The Garden of Peace is a healing center in the central Peruvian Amazon. Working with Ayahuasca and Master Plants in small group settings. Our retreats are guided by Native Master Shaman along with 24 hour access to experienced English speaking staff. We strive to offer Ayahuasca in a safe and supportive setting. The Garden of Peace offers intense "dietas" with a blending of the modern and ancient in a clean and organized retreat center.

Experience Ayahuasca in pristine rainforest in it's endemic region among native people who have used this sacred medicine for millennia. We journey into the Manu Rainforest for an expedition to seek out remote, deep jungle shaman who still keep the ancient traditions. This is an anthropological expedition that includes culturally traditional plant medicine ceremonies with native people in a village NOT a gringo ran retreat center! 

Disclaimer: Ceremonies involing psychoactive plant medicines are ONLY conducted in Peru under the guidance of experienced partioners who ensure the upmost saftey of the participants.

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