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Andean Pilgrimage - Multiregional

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Peru has some of the oldest civilizations on Earth, Caral was the first city in Americas and base of the Andean culture being approximately 5500 years old.
In those times, respect for the diverse ideologies of other cultures was important to create good relationships for the well being of everyone. This is also known as “Sumaq Kawsay” or Andean philosophy of Good Living.
This pilgrimage aims to immerse you in an integral Andean tradition and cosmovision, starting from Inca culture (the last Andean period), going to Chavin (the 3000 years old capital of Peru) and finally Caral (first city in America), supported by Ethnomusicology, Shamanism, Spirituality, History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Astronomy, Ethnobotany and more!

Andean Pilgrimage Itinerary (9 Days)
Day 1 –
Andean Cosmovision & History Workshop
Sound Ceremony with Pre-Columbian Musical Instruments
Mantras & Breathing Work
San Pedro Cactus Preparation Workshop


Day 2 –
San Pedro Ceremony
Offering Ceremony to Pachamama
Water Ritual


Day 3 – 
Qoricancha – Temple of the Sun
Sacsayhuamán – Temple of the Ray 
Flight and Arrival to Lima
Depart from Lima to Huaraz


Day 4 –
Arrival to Huaraz
Depart from Huaraz to Chavin
Arrival to Chavin & Ancestral Highlands Retreat Center
Pre-Columbian Music Workshop (Voice, Pututu, Panpipes, Flutes, Drums & Percussion) 
Mantras & Breathing Work


Day 5 – 
Meditation in Sunrise at Mirror Water Mountain Viewpoint
Chavin Temple (Visit & Meditation)
Visit to Chavin Museum
San Pedro Cactus Preparation Workshop


Day 6 –
San Pedro Ceremony
Hot Springs of Chavin 
Water Ritual
Fire Ceremony

Day 7 – 
Meditation in Sunrise at Mirror Water Mountain Viewpoint
Sound Ceremony with Pre-Columbian Musical Instruments
Mantras & Breathing Work
Chavin Temple (Visit & Meditation)
Experiential Astronomy Workshop at Mirror Water Mountain Viewpoint

Day 8 –
Full Day Trekking to Apu Huantsan (Sacred Snow Mountain of Chavin)
Offering Ceremony to Pachamama
Fire Ceremony


Day 9 – 
Depart from Chavin to Caral
Visit to Caral (5000 year old Pyramid City)
Arrival to Miraflores, Lima
End of the Andean Pilgrimage

map of peru andean pilgrimage_edited_edi

Main activities:
- Full Day Trekking to Apu Huantsan (4th highest snow mountain in Peru - 6,369 m a.s.l.).
-Visit to Qoricancha and Sacsayhuaman Temples.
- Meditation in Chavin Temple & Visit to Chavin Museum.
- Visit to Sacred City of Caral.
- Andean Cosmovision & History Workshop.
- Sound Ceremony with Pre-Columbian Musical Instruments.
- Mantras in Quechua, Breathing & Meditation Workshop.
- Pre-Columbian Music workshops (Pututu, - Panpipes, Flutes, Drums & Percussions).
- Offering Ceremony to Pachamama or Despacho Ceremony.
- Plant Medicine Ceremony & Preparation Workshop.
- Fire Ceremony.
- Water Ritual.
- Hot Springs in Chavin.
- Experiential Astronomy Workshop.

All food and the accommodations are included.  
All transportation is include, except for air tickets to Peru, nor the plane ticket from Cusco to Lima.

This is NOT an EthnoCO tour but a unique experience offered by one of our associates. Be part of this unique program designed and facilitated by Peruvian artist, ethnomusicologist, sound healing therapist, Andrés Durand.

(Enthusiastic community expression in Quechua for "Long Live!")

“If we don’t know our history, what reflections and changes can we promote to the world?”
“To connect with nature, first you need to connect with your natural being.”
“It is hard to find oneself in the path, but even more hard is to stay in the path.”

Please contact us for more information or to reserve your spot on an adventure at!

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